JINNNN Empowered by LYNK & CO
JINNNN FOR LYNK&CO Published Fashion Film-- "JINNNN Comes True". JINNNN works hand in hand with the cross-border idol -- Victor Ma to drawing the edge of dream and reality from a unique perspective, through different selves, walking on different time axes, revealing the current portrait of the times. Victor Ma, who has been exploring cross-border art for a long time, has also been inspired by JINNNN's design and created the special single song -"Domination". As a result, he will not only bring new songs to premiere at a party hosted by the ARKHAM Club after the show, but will also release music Video in April.
The Creative Director of JINNNN —— Jinchongyu thinks JINNNN 2018FW collection as a self-review of contemporary fashion architecture. Starting from the self-culture and brand style of JINNNN.Jinchongyu endows the most characteristic image of "flexible rock" to a more neutral role of "science and technology", which is also Jinchongyu's integration of retro and future in the current creative language. The 1980s, as the most musical production era, was also the most representative era of cultural pioneers at that time. From the fashion point of view, Jinchongyu integrated the luxury gentleman's style in the 1980s and 1990s, the image of androgyny and the detailed design of science and technology in the future world into the series of 2018FW collection.